This thump thump thing

There she goes again , all gorgeous cute

smacking me love struck


better off mute than these stumbled words,

words shined & polished absurd.

If I could stop, I would stop her not,

better I left me sparkled & stupid & numb.

Can she suppose my fear

my intent


boiled down

plus’d , multiplied & divided to this sum.

There she goes again

shiny eyes meet mine

shivered fingers down shivered spine.

God keep me in my mind

one look and I misplace it, but not my heart

just one more smile

I tease you for one more & one more & then another

each moment waited

worth the wait and the weight…

You could keep this thing ,

this beaten , beating thump

thump, thump thump thing

that beats fast in this chest

at first moment

that moment I see you

and say this truth

My heart keep it…

it belongs to you.


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the Fall

Someone who loves me through the fall and leaves burned velvet red and amber,
November blew her breath cold onto to huddled shoulders,
shivered down to my toes,
but she whispered her breath warm on my neck it felt like love and it was because it was…
From someone who loves me through the fall and vanity of it all and sees me with adored eyes,
“Just one more kiss.”
whispered smile
” Promise I’ll make it last.”
Til this season tries to wreck us like ships against rocks,
playing tricks against clocks,
making this life fit into places it’s already slipping into…
But it is all vanity and damn this insanity because none of it matters.
Because I have someone to love me through it all… M. S. Doty
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